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Discover our high value-added voice services and quality special numbers, available in more than 130 countries.

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Customer relationship

Manage your customer interactions and optimize your customer relationship strategy with our cloud-based omnichannel platform.

Machine-to-machine INO


Automate your machine communications using special numbers that guarantee you uninterrupted service and security.

Telecom Operator

As an ARCEP-licensed telecom operator with recognized expertise, in particular for mass call collection and/or in a critical environment, we continuously work to meet market and customer needs.

Software editor

As a software editor, all of our solutions are developed in-house to ensure you better control and a unified user experience.


From operational excellence to customer delight, our teams are here to help you optimize your business by bringing you experience, advice and industry expertise.

We can accompany you every step of the way



Your one-stop shop

As a telco operator, software editor and consultant, we are able to provide you with business expertise and end-to-end solutions to overcome your activity-specific challenges.

A team of experts at your service

Attentive to your business needs, we understand your challenges and adapt to your own specific requirements to provide you tailored solutions that guarantee visible results and satisfaction.

Our innovative solutions

Technology, customer expectations and your business needs are ever-changing. We are constantly working to improve our solutions so you can have the tools you need to excel.

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