Zoom on systems integrators and IT resellers: why should you add a contact center solution in your catalog and how to choose it?

Contact center solutions address many needs: after-sales service, debt collection, prospecting, customer service management… That is why customer relationship and telecom professionals are very interested in this technology! However, the added value of implementing one of these software is not clear, and the atomistic structure does not help. To see more clearly into it, you will find in this article the advantages of integrating a contact center software in your catalog and the elements that we consider essential for a software publisher.

Integrating a contact center solution to diversify and make your business stable

Adding a contact center software with a lot of features to your catalog, will help you offer quality customer relationship management services. Indeed, completing your catalog with these services can increase your knowledge and skills in telecom and customer relationship to give a full range of services to your customers.

On top of that, in a context of growth strategy, integrating new softwares can be a strong lever for commercial development. Indeed, this choice makes it possible to capture a wider audience and increase your number of potential customers. In the long term, this strategy can significantly increase your market share and ensure your business’ stability.

Banking on a cloud solution easy to interface with different business tools

Choosing a contact center solution among all options available is complex. But some functionalities are essential for your business and focusing on them will help you make the good choice.

A 100% cloud solution

Banking on a cloud solution is the guarantee of an easy and fluid deployment. Indeed, choosing a SaaS solution will bring flexibility into your organization (business, collaborators…). The solution is available through simple internet connection. This management style considerably reduces companies’ costs because no investment in fix telephony is necessary.

Omnichannel native

While voice channel remains one of the most popular channels, many companies want to go digital. To meet all customers’ needs, it is essential to choose a contact center solution that includes channels preferred by clients. SMS, email, calls, live chat, chatbot… This big diversity of channels will allow you to meet all customers’ needs. With this choice, you will be able to create smooth and engaging customer experiences.

Web Services, Webhook and API

To adapt to a maximum of firms’ (banks, insurance, hospitals, transports, clothes, distribution, public companies…), the contact center solution you will choose has to be flexible. API, Webhook and Web Services will let you communicate and integrate the contact center solution with other business tools.


On top of that, banking on a solution with real-time KPIs will allow you to identify areas for improvement for your contact center and customer experience. In addition, statistics can help you make additional sale, as becoming an expert with advice to improve your clients’ customer experience and identify sticking point in their customer’s journey.

Choosing a solution that ensures recurring incomes

Cloud solutions often are subscription-based solutions (Software as a Service). This kind of solution gives you constant and recurring incomes. The vision of the number of licenses provided to end customers guarantees you a stable business model and will enable you to anticipate your budget.

On top of that, choosing a cloud contact center solution will allow you to offer high value services linked to the contact center solution. Offering additional services can make it possible to multiply your profits. Audit, formation, add-ons development… Services you can offer are plentiful and depend on your expertise.

Relying on a trusted partner

At INO, since 2019, we rely on a large and qualified partners network for the distribution of our INO CX solution, in France and abroad. So we have a strong experience on indirect distribution and can provide you with the knowledge necessary for the platform’s administration.

As a “human” company, we strive to create a close and trusting relationship with each of our resellers. Our teams are motivated and committed to fully support you on opportunity identification, administrative management and technical set up. We remain available and reactive all along your development!

To conclude, choosing a simple, easy-to-implement, user-friendly and cloud solution, while collaborating with a trusting partner can allow you to boost your business!

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