Get the most out of intelligent number services

From toll-free to added-value numbers, we offer a wide range of quality numbers that will cover all of your business needs.

Use the right numbers to
enhance your phone services

INO provides you with advice and expertise to ensure you get the best of the special numbers market in France and abroad: choice of numbers, compliance with regulations, financial simulations, implementation, migration, configuration, after-sales service, …


Be available to your customers, wherever you are

Make it easy for your customers to call you by using special numbers. By enabling your customers to call you, you improve your image and strengthen your relationships. 

130 countries - INO
Portability - INO
Variety INO

International availability

Get numbers available in more than 130 countries.


Easily port your existing numbers to centralize management.


Benefit from a wide range of special numbers: non-geographic, mnemonic, added-value…

One platform for all your numbers

Centralize your numbers and benefit from an ergonomic interface to manage them from. With just a few clicks, you can activate or modify your numbers and have them immediately working/functional/ready. 

Multi operator INO


Manage all of your numbers from a single platform, regardless of the operator and the origin of the number.

Intelligent Routing INO

Intelligent routing

Prepare routing strategies to route the caller based on your business rules using information such as caller origin, date, time …

Mockup collect

Keep the control

of your numbers

Interruptions on your numbers can be costly, financially but also in terms of customer satisfaction. Be informed in real time of any anomalies and prepare back-up routings to ensure high service availability. 

Alerting INO


Program alerts to be informed in real time of any changes or issues on your numbers.

Stats INO


Follow the KPIs of your numbers at any time, individually, in groups, or as a whole.

Mass management

In just a few clicks you can modify a routing plan shared by several numbers instead of managing them one by one.

Your advantages


Effortlessly manage your international presence from a single platform.


In the event of service interruptions, transition easily into your back-up plan either automatically or through mass management.


By centralizing all of your numbers regardless of the operator with INO, you also bring together management, invoicing and after-sales service.


Get real-time tracking with statistics and alerts to keep control of your call traffic. 

Unsure which type of number is best for you?