Let your machines do the talking

Use M2M to automate and streamline your business operations.

Let your machines communicate with each other using dedicated numbers

Unique special numbers
International INO

Unique intelligent numbers

Set up 08x numbers for your m2m communications et choose the pricing that best suits your needs.

International reach

With our international numbers available in more than 130 countries, you won’t be limited by borders.

Multi-operator handling

By using intelligent routing and different operators, you can be sure each call will reach its destination for continuous communication.

Use M2M to meet your business needs

Service continuity

Service continuity

Ensure a continuous communication between your machines by setting up automated back-ups in the event of network failures.

Remote control

Remote control

Automated machine communications ensure you have remote, reliable and continuous control.

Multi site INO


Regardless of their location, your machines can communicate with each other seamlessly, with the possibility of managing load sharing between your sites.

The INO advantages

One-stop shop

Your one-stop shop

INO relieves your administrative burden by providing you with a unified management of your numbers for an organized, clear and transparent tracking of your activity.

Business expert

Your industry expert

We have been working closely with our customers for over 20 years in the remote monitoring and electronic banking sectors, allowing us to provide you with advice for an optimized organization of your M2M flows.

Trusting partner

Your trusted partner

Our practical knowledge of current regulations combined with our business expertise enables us to provide you with the best solutions tailored to your needs.

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