Call deflection

Call deflection

Let your customers create their unique omnichannel journey.

Call deflection - what it is ?

Call deflection is a solution that enables the callers to switch seamlessly from phone calls to other digital channels such as chat, Q&A or anywhere other destinations.





the applications of call deflection

Make your service available and accessable

By proposing alternatives such as chat, callback or Q&A, you can make your service easier to access for your callers and reduce customer efforts.

Manage call peaks

Call deflection could be a great option to equalise call peaks and caps. When you are receiving more calls than you can handle, you can propose your customers other options in stead of waiting for hours and losing all their patience.

Stay available

With call deflection, you may continue to provide your services even during closing hours. Instead of just telling your caller the service is closed and frustrate them,  you may service them with Q&A or callbacks.

Simplify customer call journey

IVR is currently the most common solution for customer services to evaluate the call motivations. However, it could be a painful experience for your customers when there are too many options et levels in a IVR.

Qualify inbound calls

Instead of asking your customer to pronounce a 12-digit ID and spend minutes in IVR, you can simply let them enter le ID and choose the services within a visual interface.

And more possibilities

Call deflection could be used in many other different ways. Just keep in mind it gives your customer more options and always make them the once who decides where they would like to go.

Selfcare debt collection

Together with INO PAY, debt collection could become much easier for you and your customer. When customers call to pay for bills, you can propose them to pay by themselves within a web interface.


with call deflection, you may send questionnaire to your callers on the mobile phone for various purposes: update customer information, satisfaction survey…

Identify phone number

Easy to use for your customers

How does the call deflection work ? It's extremely user friendly for your customers.

When your customer calls, the system will analyse the number to see if it is a mobile number. If the caller is calling from mobile, the system will propose your caller whether to continue over the phone, or get redirected to a visual interface.

If the caller choose to be redirected, he/she will receive a SMS which lead them a web interface.

The caller can then continue to interact with you though the alternatives that you propose.

Nous contacter

Why Call deflection ?

Our expert and dedicated teams are there to support you in the change and ensure a smooth transition to teleworking with a rapid and flexible deployment. 

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Improve customer experience

Less waiting time and more options, call deflection helps you to create great customer experience.

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Optimise your ressources

Call deflection give your the alternatives to manage your call peaks and balance the workload for your team.

They tell it better than we do!


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