Customer experience and employee experience: a powerful pairing for O2 Care Services

We met up with Vanina Poirier, Customer Service Director and Mickael Cormier, SRC Operational Manager at O2 Care Services.

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O2 Care Services, part of the Oui Care group, is a French specialist in personal services. Cleaning, ironing, childcare… O2 Care Services helps the whole family breathe a little easier!


Vanina Poirier and Mickael Cormier wanted to breathe new life into customer service. In 2020, the company put out a call for tenders. After analysing the offers, the company chose INO as its partner to develop its contact centre!

Field of activity

Personal services


Voice, Outbound Campaigns, Email, CSAT


Customer experience, employee experience, rapid deployment, omnichannel, campaign automation, integration

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What O2 Care Services was looking for...

The human touch and their customers are at the heart of the company’s values.

"The interpersonal aspect is paramount to us"

It was therefore both natural and essential for Vanina Poirier and Mickael Cormier to make the customer and employee experience strategic drivers within their department and to place these issues at the heart of their priorities.

The first challenge was to breathe new life into the customer experience.

With an aging customer interaction management system, the customer service needed a makeover. That’s when Vanina Poirier and Mickael Cormier made two observations:

(1) The first was that it was becoming necessary target different generations of the same family, who do not necessarily have the same preferences in terms of communication channels.

"It was important for us to have an omnichannel platform so we could get ahead of this increasingly prevalent requirement."

It was therefore essential to focus on new points of contact to meet these new demands.

2) The second was that the company’s interactions were not all centralised within a single solution. O2 Care Services’ customer service staff needed a comprehensive tool that integrates channels and facilitates communication with consumers, for better customer monitoring and increased overall satisfaction.

The second challenge was to optimise the employee experience internally.

According to Vanina Poirier and Mickael Cormier,the customer experience and the employee experience go hand in hand: a seamless employee experience contributes greatly to an improved customer experience!

They were therefore looking for an intuitive, agile and user-friendly platform to facilitate the day-to-day management of customer requests. Among other things, the solution needed to be easy to master and be able to automate certain tasks in order to optimise the advisors’ work.

In 2020, O2 Care Services launched a call for tenders. After analysing the offers, the company chose INO as its partner to develop its contact centre!

The INO CX solution for O2 Care Services in 5 key points

1. An interface that unifies interaction management for an optimised customer experience

INO staff supported O2 Care Services in the implementation and optimisation of the different communication channels: voice, email, outgoing campaigns and in the deployment of an enhanced CSAT (customer satisfaction) system.

But what made all the difference was that the INO CX solution was designed with a 100% customer-focused approach: it pulls together all communication channels and allows you control of interactions from A to Z through a single interface.

“We needed a reliable, integrated solution to communicate effectively with our customers. INO CX has enabled us to manage our daily business better, and to be more responsive with our consumers.”

2. An easy-to-use platform for a seamless employee experience

The use of INO CX has greatly simplified the day-to-day work of advisors and manytasks are now automated.

“Previously, for outgoing calls, the advisor had to alternate between his banner and a Google Sheets file. Now, everything is automated! The INO CX solution manages outbound campaigns intelligently, in line with our settings. It's much smoother for our organisation!”

The INO teams were also able to work hand in hand with the technical support teams at O2 Care Services. They are now 100% trained in the INO CX solution and wear the “software administrator” hat.

3. Successful integration with the existing CRM

In addition to being a complete solution that makes life easier for the advisors, INO CX is a solution that issimple to integrate with each company’s business tools thanks to its APIs.

One of the major challenges in this project was to integrate the INO CX solution, via APIs, with the company’s existing CRM. This integration made it possible in particular to feed the advisors’ click-to-call campaigns by enabling the collection of data for customers who asked to be contacted via the website.

"It was important to us that the INO CX solution integrated with our CRM. The two tools complement each other very well!"

4. Real-time statistics to monitor team activity

INO’s statistical interface is one of the features that O2 Care Services customer service personnel most appreciate.

Today, Vanina Poirier and Mickael Cormier have access to key performance indicators, selected upstream from an extensive library. Thanks to these KPIs, they can ensure quality of service and monitor staff activity in real time, even those who work remotely.

5. Flexible and Remote Deployment

Because of the lockdown situation, INO personnel had to show great flexibility to be able to put the solution into operation and train the O2 Care Services’ customer service staff within the set deadlines.

As a result, most of the contact centre staff were trained remotely and started using the tool from home.

“All the training was done remotely, in the middle of the lockdown. Everyone was able to use the solution within just one week.”

A feat made possible thanks to the INO CX solution which was designed to be easy to use and is 100% cloud-based.

And the results?

There have been a lot of changes within the O2 Care Services customer service team thanks to the INO CX solution. Vanina Poirier and Mickael Cormier quickly observed positive results:

  • Better management of work schedules and priorities
  • Satisfied advisors with an intuitive, easy-to-use interface that pulls together all communications
  • An increase in the pick-up rate and a significant reduction in waiting time, in particular thanks to the intelligent distribution of flows
  • Better daily activity management thanks to flexible, needs-driven configurations.

“I recommend INO, 100%. It's a super tool! I have worked with several partners and the customer experience with INO is great!”

And many more projects to come!

In summary, for the customer service staff at O2 Care Services, Vanina Poirier and Mickael Cormier, INO is a simple, flexible customer interaction management solution that is implemented hand in hand with INO staff.

And it’s not over! Now that a real synergy has been created and solid foundations have been laid, there are many projectsstill in the pipeline.

Revamping of IVR, development of the email channel, implementation of a system of “tasks” for advisors… are all projects in the planning stages with, as ever, the aim of creating a quality customer experience and fully satisfying consumers.

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