Relying on the development of staff skills to achieve new goals: Réalités' successful gamble

Meeting with Audrey GIEUX, Call Centre Manager and Annick TESSIER, Call Centre Advisor with REALITES.






of sales generated by this department

The company

REALITES is a territorial development group. They assist individuals, investors, businesses, and elected representatives in their real estate projects, on the technical aspects, but also on the financial, legal and marketing side.

Project context

Between 2020 and 2021, the REALITES Group registered 45% more contacts. To cope with this increase in activity, the Group took the decision to equip the Call Centre with an interaction management tool. The objective is to ensure a continuous quality of service to prospects while increasing process speed and providing a smooth prospect path.

Field of activity

Real Estate Investment


Voice, email, SMS, interconnection with MS Dynamics


Improved skills, statistics, interconnection, call-back campaigns.

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The REALITES Group Call Centre objectives

Every day, the REALITES Call Centre advisors receive property enquiries by email and phone. They are responsible for qualifying the enquiries with prospects and then organising meetings with the Group’s sales representatives. Veritable revenue drivers for the company, the Call Centre advisors handle 30% of the Group’s sales.

Given the importance of the Call Centre in terms of REALITIS’ turnover, a project to structure the service’s operations was born. Internally, 4 requirements were identified:

  • To reduce the number of tools used and unify voice, email, and SMS management
  • To gain autonomy on technical configuration (Interactive Voice Servers, calendars…)
  • To have access to detailed reports of the overall activity
  • To assist advisors in developing their skills

With this context in mind, THYMBUSINESS put REALITES in touch with INO, and a project to structure the activity was launched.

The 5 key uses by REALITES to enable staff skills development

1. To increase productivity through interconnection with Microsoft Dynamics

Previously, property enquiries received by email were handled by phone, using a landline, and dialling each number one by one. Thanks to the interconnection between INO CX and Microsoft Dynamics, advisors can now launch calls via the CRM using the “click-to-call” feature.

The record retrieval feature is also much appreciated by the team. If the prospect’s phone number is recognised in the database, advisors will automatically have access to the CRM file and can read the prospect profile.

"Everything is automated with INO CX! »

The interconnection approach between MS Dynamics and INO CX significantly reduces time-consuming actions and lets teams focus on tasks with higher added value. With significant time and productivity savings for the operators!

2. To improve contact rate using call-back campaigns

Setting up call-back campaigns was one of the key points for the project. The call-back campaign targets are mostly provided by the contact forms on the website and calls that were not answered by the teams. The targets in these call-back campaigns are extremely qualified.

Prior to the implementation of the contact centre solution, prospects who had not been able to reach the REALITIES call centre staff had to leave a voicemail message indicating that they wanted to be called back. With the new features implemented by INO on the department’s IVR, calls that are not picked up are flagged for inclusion in the call-back campaigns. The Group therefore boosts the Call Centre’s activity and no longer lets prospects slip through the net!

On the employee side, all call-back requests expressed by prospects are pushed to the advisors’ screens in the form of a notification. In this way, employees can handle all their tasks from a single interface, for more efficient working practices.

3. Use SMS notifications for appointment reminders

As the Group’s activity is based on appointments between sales representatives and prospects, it is important for REALITES that as many appointments as possible are kept. To that end, REALITES uses notification and reminder SMS messages.

To simplify the work of employees while keeping control over the company’s image, REALITES has chosen to provide its employees with 6 pre-written SMS templates, in which several variables can be customised (dates, places, times, etc.). Call Centre agents simply select the appropriate template and fill in the customisable fields. A considerable time saving for employees, but also the guarantee that the tone and spelling of the messages are in keeping with the company’s identity.

4. To develop advisors' skills through monitoring features

Not previously having had a monitoring tool, the arrival of INO CX is proving a great help for Audrey, the Head of the REALITIES Call Centre.

« I now have all the necessary tools to supervise the call centre, to assist the advisors in their daily work and to help them to improve their skills. »

The double-listening features enable her to check the operators’ language and their knowledge of the Group’s real estate programmes. These actions enable her to work alongside the Call Centre advisors, to manage them and to train them on a continuous basis. Taking time for each employee is an essential part of her work, ensuring that employees have constant support for each of their issues.

5. To access key statistics so as to better understand the department's activity.

Another major new feature for the department is access to detailed, personalised statistics. From now on, the Call Centre Manager can monitor quality of service and access key KPIs to monitor service activity (to learn more about contact centre performance indicators, feel free to take a look at our guide).

Each week, the Call Centre Manager receives the history for all calls as well as some key data for analysing the department’s performance. These statistics allow her to measure the staff’s performance, to identify areas for improvement and to implement corrective actions to speed up the department’s performance.

A feat that is made possible thanks to the INO CX solution, which is easy to use and 100% cloud-based.

Assessment of the use of INO CX by Call Centre staff

Although it is still too early to measure the initial results, improvements are already being felt. The teams are better supported, better prepared and more at ease in their mission.

« I've had great feedback from the whole team and I can also see it in the early results. The team is more relaxed and more focused on its core business: handling calls and making appointments. »

As for Audrey GIEUX, the Call Centre Manager, she feels she has a better understanding of where the contacts come from and the way her department operates and holds all the cards to achieve the new business objectives set for her department!

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