How Saint Maclou maintains its close relationship between customers and stores despite lockdown!

Lessons from Amélie Beck, Sales Administration Manager at Saint Maclou.


Saint Maclou is a French company specialized in floors, walls and windows decoration. After announcing the closure of all stores due to Covid-19, Saint Maclou decided to equip around fifty of its store staff with INO CX to maintain its close relationship with customers.


To maintain a commercial activity without a commercial site, with a confined sales force.

Field of activity

French company specializing in the decoration of floors, walls and windows.


SMS, email, phone


Payment, customer experience, quick implementation

With the lockdown that could last months and the massive volume of calls from our customers and prospects, added to the sales team working remotely, we have just equipped around fifty store employees with the INO CX solution. These employees are equipped with the solution and the voice flow comes from their mobile phone.
With INO CX, there is always a solution. Thanks to the online payment module, not only can we make new sales, but we can also deliver without contact, at our current customers’ homes, as they pay in advance. I would like to thank Hugues Senia, our contact at INO, and the after-sales team for their advice and responsiveness in our multiple requests. Our sales activity could not have been maintained without INO CX.

Amélie Beck, Sales Administration Manager at Saint Maclou

Amélie Beck, as the Sales Administration Manager, you have implemented a completely remote organization around the in-store sales forces. What was the problem and how did you address it?

Absolutely! As our stores had to close, we were committed to stay close to our customers and ensure a minimum level of continuity, especially for all current follow-up actions and installations schedules. To do this, we decided to equip around twenty stores with INO CX solution so they could respond to phone requests from their own customers.

Why did you choose INO CX solution?

Our ADV and customer relationship teams were already equipped with INO CX and it seemed natural to ask INO to open licenses for our in-store sales force. This is how we implemented a special number, communicated on our website, and equipped about fifty salespeople in-store to support remote advisors thanks to the WebRTC INO solution.

In less than 24 hours, everything was operational, and advisors could support our customers from where they were working during lockdown.

We took more than 5,000 calls the first 15 days and we were able to offer continuity of service to our customers.

Could you tell us more about the payment module?

Our customer interaction management platform provided by INO was alrealdy equipped with a remote payment module for the contact center. But we never used it.

So, we have chosen to activate this functionality in order to give these store advisors the possibility of selling and cashing their customers, in a secure environment. 

It all happened very quickly, from activating the module to training the salespeople and cashing customers. The INO team was very efficient and the satisfaction of both advisors and customers was high!

In fact, for Amélie Beck, the INO payment module is very well received because it allows to cash customers directly by phone, without having them giving their credit card number. This is done by sending an SMS or email with a payment link, and both the advisor and the customer can resume the call at any time without a break in the customer journey!

It’s reliable and safe!

Amélie Beck, Sales Administration Manager at Saint Maclou

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