Solerys: creating from scratch an efficient contact center within 4 weeks

Today Thibaud Lecomte,  Solerys Director of Operations is sharing with us his experience of creating and developing a call center.




appointments booked in 5 months


people contacted in 5 months


weeks from the project definition to the production launch


contact rate


Solerys specializes its activity in career transition, professional reclassification and skills assessment and belongs to Alerys. With nearly 400 employees spread over more than a hundred sites, Solerys has been a major player in the integration of job seekers into the world of work for more than 25 years.


After winning call for tenders issued by Pôle Emploi, Solerys became responsible of contacting job seekers to suggest appointments with employment counsellors since July. Solerys needed to build a contact center to achieve this.

Field of activity

Human resources consulting


SMS, outgoing campaigns

Key words

Fast deployment, campaigns automation, geo-tracking, contextualized SMS

The INO CX solution is flexible, easy to deploy and master. It allows us to develop our teams in serenity. In addition, INO has become a true partner for us. Their teams are reliable and pay close attention to our needs to help us build adapted solutions. Thanks to them, we built our information system and integrated INO CX into our technical and functional context.

Thibaud Lecomte, Director of Operations at Solerys

What is your job about?

My main missions are about: support and operational management, development of our services and implementation of a quality system.

This contact center project was at the heart of the implementation of a new service.

Why were you looking for a contact center solution? What is the context of this project?

We won a call for tenders with Pôle Emploi to implement for them a new service. Beyond the service itself, what was new was the methods to promote this service. Indeed, what was different this time is that Pôle Emploi asked us to directly contact unemployment benefits recipients to suggest and book an appointment with one of our employment counselors.

So, you had to create a contact center from scratch. What were the stakes?

We did not have any sort of contact center. We had to start from scratch. First at all, we had to think about the processes and find a tool that both technically and functionally meets our constraints.

Then, we recruited and trained a dedicated team to ensure that everything would be operational within a very short time.

Another important criteria, was the scalable capacity of the tool we would choose. Once again, starting from scratch, we needed to identify a skilled partner, able to support us over time based on the adjustments specific to this kind of project.

What solutions were implemented?

Every month, we receive from Pôle Emploi a list of people we must contact. After different checks, those lists are imported in INO CX. 

1. First, we reach job seekers through a SMS campaign to tell them about the coming call. 

2. Then, we launch outgoing campaigns. During the communication with the unemployment benefits, we provide our call center agent with the right information through scripts.

3. If we don’t succeed in contacting the unemployment benefits, the INO CX platform send a SMS informing them about this attempt and the recall.. 

4. When an appointment is booked, we send a confirmation SMS to the job seeker repeated twice for a better attendance rate.

And how is the project going, are the results up to your expectations?

We started this project in July with 4 call center agents. After 4 months, the call center team is now made of a manager, 2 platform supervisors and more than 20 collaborators. And it’s not over! In order to meet the needs, we anticipate additional hiring by the end of the year.

In terms of results, since July, we have made more than 105 000 calls and booked nearly 40 000 appointments!

What are the next steps?

The team will keep on growing and we will work with INO to focus on increasing automation, improving geolocation, increasing productivity and limiting human mistakes.

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