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Telesales & commerce

Optimize the efficiency of your telesales, telemarketing and teleprospecting teams and accelerate your sales with our 100% cloud contact center solution. 

Outsourcing contact center

Manage your various accounts (brands, companies, etc.) thanks to our solution which reconciles operational simplicity and customer satisfaction, and is adapted to all types of contact centers. 

Customer service

Adopt a 100% cloud, high-performance, next-generation solution to enable your customer service teams to deliver a quality customer experience.

By solution type


Payment difficulties, oversights, unsuitable payment methods, etc. Effectively manage your collection campaigns by phone from end to end with our 100% cloud and user-friendly solution.

Remote working

Enable your advisors to telecommute efficiently and deliver a quality customer experience with our 100% cloud-based customer interaction management solution, designed for remote contact centers. 

Business Continuity

Get support from our experts in setting up business continuity (BCP) or activity continuity (ACP) plans to protect you in the event of a problem and to secure your telecom resources. 


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Creating exceptional customer relationship

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