Power Up Your Team: 5 Strategies to Boost Contact Center Agent Productivity

Power Up Your Team: 5 Strategies to Boost Contact Center Agent Productivity

Discover the 5 key ways to empower contact center agents: knowledge & training, positive work environment, collaboration, automation, & right tools. These factors create happy & productive agents leading to better customer experiences.

Réseaux sociaux messaging pour la relation client

Integrating Social Media Messaging Channels into Your Contact Center: The Unavoidable Evolution

Social networks, used by 4.2 billion people, are redefining customer relations, with expectations focused on speed and accessibility via platforms like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Twitter, forcing companies to adapt quickly.

AI in Customer Experience: Reflections and Revolutions

AI has become a major trend, far from imaginary robots. No longer limited to futuristic visions, it is transforming customer relations with concrete applications and innovative ideas.

The Next Frontier in Business Communication: UCaaS and CCaaS Convergence

In our swiftly evolving world, every facet of our lives, from consumption patterns to work dynamics and interactions with businesses, is experiencing a profound transformation. Unsurprisingly, these changes have had a significant impact on the business landscape, necessitating adaptations not...



For telemarketing to be successful, the telemarketers' strategy must be tried and tested. This is a real challenge for companies that need to keep their telemarketers motivated and put a long-term strategy in place!

The complete lowdown on call centre software!

How can you boost your sales staff's performance? What are the criteria for choosing an effective solution to manage your customer service? What tools can monitor your remote workers' activity in real time? Find out in this article everything you...

Zoom on systems integrators and IT resellers: why should you add a contact center solution in your catalog and how to choose it?

Contact center solutions address many needs, that is why customer relationship and telecom professionals are very interested in this technology! However, the added value of implementing one of these software is not clear. Zoom on systems integrators and IT resellers


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