Relying on the development of staff skills to achieve new goals: Réalités’ successful gamble

«I now have all the necessary tools to supervise the call centre, to assist the advisors in their daily work and to help them to improve their skills.» Audrey Gieux, Head of the REALITES Call Centre

Expérience client expérience collaborateur O2 Care Services !

Customer experience and employee experience: a powerful pairing for O2 Care Services

“INO CX is one of the most agile and powerful tools I've tested. I also loved working with the staff, which are just great. I will recommend INO to all my peers for that alone!”Vanina Poirier, Customer Service Director, O2...

CCF: how to centralize support requests and guarantee better follow-up

"In my opinion, INO is a complete, easy-to-use and scalable centralized solution that meets my current and future needs. We are delighted with the teams’ support and appreciate their availability, kindness and dynamism!" Julien Drouot, Technical Support Manager at CCF

Solerys: creating from scratch an efficient contact center within 4 weeks

«The INO CX solution is flexible, easy to deploy and master. It allows us to develop our teams in serenity. In addition, INO has become a true partner for us. Their teams are reliable and pay close attention to our...


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