Black Friday : début de l'opération

Promotions: how to optimise customer relations before, during and after?

Every year, consumer spending is influenced by special deals such as Black Friday, annual promotions, end-of-season sales, etc. Consumers are understandably attuned to these special offers and the amounts they save. These promotional events are therefore a real opportunity for...

Customer relations team: back to school in 4 steps

Back to 'school'! The perfect timing to set up some good practices and have a fresh start. We share our advice on how to fully satisfy your customers after the summer holidays.

8 key metrics to optimize your customer experience

The customer experience is becoming a major issue for companies these days. Providing a positive customer experience can help them acquire and retain customers. However, improving the customer experience is a huge topic, involving both the strategic and operational sides....

The complete lowdown on call centre software!

How can you boost your sales staff's performance? What are the criteria for choosing an effective solution to manage your customer service? What tools can monitor your remote workers' activity in real time? Find out in this article everything you...

France Automatismes project: how to modernize customer relationship management

"We are very satisfied with the solution implemented. They allowed us to address with precision all our organizational issues and considerably improve our quality of service without recruiting." Cyril Raynaud, GM of France Automatismes

Stanley Security, when working from home becomes the norm for the customer relationship team

"For us, the transition to 100% remote work was easy, since our employees already use the INO CX solution. All they need to do is to log into their account from home, nothing changes. On top of that, statistics allow...


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