Stanley Security, when working from home becomes the norm for the customer relationship team

"For us, the transition to 100% remote work was easy, since our employees already use the INO CX solution. All they need to do is to log into their account from home, nothing changes. On top of that, statistics allow...

Using a new tool to switch 3 call centers to remote work within 1 day! A winning strategy for Fram

"The day after lockdown was announced, we activated an occupancy message, while the platform was set up. INO was very responsive and within one day we managed to make the 3 services operational!” Renaud Marrache, CIO at Fram

How did Wisecom succeed in switching its advisors to remote work in less than a week?

"It was important to have reliable solutions that could be quickly implemented to switch to remote work the day after the lockdown announcement. We could take up the challenge thanks to our strong partners such as INO." Paola Fabiani, President...


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