Stanley Security, when working from home becomes the norm for the customer relationship team

Véronique Guirao, Customer Relationship Manager at Stanley Security France, shares her experience about organizing remote work and her view on this.


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Working from home is possible for a customer relationship contact center and can be efficient! The Stanley team has demonstrated it!

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For us, the transition to 100% remote work was easy, since our employees already use the INO CX solution. All they need to do is to log into their account from home, nothing changes. On top of that, statistics allow remote management in real time, according to each advisor’s performance.

Veronique Guiao, Customer Relationship Manager at Stanley Security France

As Stanley Security’s Customer Relationship Manager, could you present to us how your service is organized?

As a customer relationship manager, I manage a team on two call centers and on two different sites. Today, 26 people deal with B2B and B2C customer requests.

Do your teams often work from home? How is it organized?

At Stanley, within the customer relationship team, we regularly work from home. Even before lockdown, we already worked from home 2 days a week. Since the first lockdown and until today, we have followed governmental recommendations, so we work from home 5 days out of 5.

Could you say that the transition to 100% remote work went out without a hitch?

Indeed, for us the transition to remote work was very easy, since we have already been using the INO CX solution for 4 years. Employees only have to log in with their user account from home, and nothing changes. As for managers, they manage their teams’ activity using real time statistics.

Glad to hear it went well. What about the results?

Even though we could not make sure each of our employees had good working conditions at home, we were able to maintain the same quality of service as before the COVID-19 crisis.

How do you feel about remote work in the future given this experience?

Personally, I think a “working from home” and a” working at the office” mix is a good practice. It brings a balance while maintaining good productivity.

Could you say that your global experience with INO has been positive?

Absolutely. The INO CX solution allows better call distribution, and the administration interface gives flexibility and a certain autonomy. On top of that, the team is reactive, and we are well supported.

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